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For the past 5 years (6 years in July) I’ve been enjoying being part of a growing sisterhood, DivaStylez Girlfriends Sisterhood Inc. We gather together in person and on Zoom and talk about what is going on in our lives. We celebrate the things that are going well, share the challenges and the heartaches and set intentions for our lives and what we want to contribute to the world around us.

It can sound super cheesey from the outside, but every woman that has had their first experience of a sisterhood has had the same response: ‘I really needed that’.

And I believe that as women we really do need it.

There is something about women coming together and supporting one another that seems to nourish and heal us on a very deep level

Which is why the sisterhood that I’m part of are held in such high esteem and love by the women that are part of it.

And which is why we are always encouraging women to join us – to experience the simplicity and power of our bond.

So today I wanted to share with you a poem I found that expresses the power and beauty of sisterhood.

“Sisterhood exists.

And it is truly powerful

It's the strength of a united force

One that's immediate with the women you surround yourself with

And one that’s universal with your sisters from around the world

Sisterhood creates a space of nourishment and love

A place to celebrate your everyday joys and triumphs

And one to hold one another when joy seems far away

Sisterhood is where you are supported when you are at your most vulnerable

It's a space to listen, and to be heard

For both the laughter

And where you ask for help

Sisterhood is surrounding yourself with women

whose energy ignites your spirit.

A space to grow and flourish.

It is listening without judgement,

Without needing to give advice.

It is allowing women to be beautifully real

And fearlessly be themselves

Sisterhood exists.

And it is truly powerful

It’s a force that when it’s awakened

has the power to heal

both one another

And the world around us

Diva –You will always have the support and strength of our sisterhood around you. And with this, hopefully, you will learn how to choose and find your own voice!

Which is one of the most powerful things a girl can have.”

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