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Set aside the weight!

Diva, this is the year to get your house in order and take care of unfinished business. You have grace to release weight and debt on every level: energetically, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. With pencil and paper, take full inventory of your life. Make a list of what you have. Make a list of what you owe. Finish or clear out any incomplete tasks. You are moving on to something better, and you cannot go to the next dimension with all that stuff on you. For this next elevation, you must travel light. -Molesey Crawford #herstory #thequeencode #therealqueencode

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Unknown member
Apr 26, 2020

I think that's a word in season. Some are looking at this as a wasted year thus far. I feel as though things have been placed on hold for me to clean up some things. This is confirmation @

Unknown member
Jun 07, 2021
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Yes this is so true.

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